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Supplying superior consulting and delivery of automotive grade nonwoven products.
At BBcon USA we are here to help you engineer the finest components for automotive design and construction using nonwoven and heat fusible adhesive materials. We are an exclusive North American distributor of Lentex nonwoven products and North American representative for Protechnic heat fusible dry adhesive rolls and printed films.  This allows us to work with world experts in low pressure component, carpet, and automotive headliner design.

We encourage a working relationship with your company from the beginning of the design phase. Using our combined experience in the nonwoven field and in the plastics and automotive field, we can offer alternative suggestions that will help keep your finished product up to your original intent in terms of sound, thickness, weight. Our goal is to help you deliver the lowest total cost for your product by assisting with the overall design.

Expertise in the Interior Application Segment and Production Processes
· Recommendation: nonwovens, adhesive systems, lamination, etc.
Extended Background in the Automotive Plastics Industry
· Contacts with all major Tier-1’s, OEM’s, Textile Suppliers, Laminators, etc.

Nonwoven Products

Global Exclusive Agency Contract with Key Nonwoven, Film & Adhesive Web Producers
Lentex - Spunlace products tailored for the Inmould applications. Thermobond and Chembond for various others.
- Needlepunch products for the Inmould applications and backings.
Protechnic - Adhesive webs and films for headliner, inmould and various other applications.
Applications - Door panels, door panel inserts, headliners, flooring, insulation, under the hood and trunk trim.
Automotive Products - Nonwoven Products
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